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    A lot of people think I have a great life... and that its all hunky dory all the time. But you will all be quite happy to note that I am no extraordinary human being.
    I also have good days and bad, sometimes more bad days than one would want.
    It hasn't been easy doing medicine and my sport! My first year was quite hard... I stayed in the hostel, I wasn't able to keep fit, or get much sailing practice but in spite of everything I took part in 7 sailing championships including 3 International ones which made me defer my exams 6 months later.
It was hard to watch my batch move on without me. But I wrote my exams and to my amazement I passed!!! But this was only the beginning... 2nd year, I was in a class of 3. Everyone else in my batch were 6 months ahead. The only thing that got me through it were my friends, family and my Dean.
    I went on European circuits for a total of 5 months... so that made my second year extend by 1 more year. When i came back after the European circuit this time, I was very close to quitting! Yes, I suddenly felt that it was just too much for me to handle and that I wasn't going to be able to do it. I didn't go to college for the first few days. Finally my mom dragged me to college on the 3rd day and we went and met the Dean in charge. I got a lot of support from him, and my friends. Mom said that I had come too far to quit now... They reminded me that I wasn't a quitter! And that I have never started something and not finished it.
    So here I am, still at it, when everyone around me said that I would quit. When my own coach said I would never make it at a World level - Im now ranked 219 in the World
    When the rest said that I should quit sailing and concentrate on Medicine now that I have got in - I got a distinction in Anatomy
    When they said I would never be able to concentrate on my sailing and medicine together - I won the Nationals - top 3 Overall

    My friends and family stood by me every step of the way. If you have even half of what I have in terms of my family and friends, I would consider you to be quite Super. As they are the ones who make me the 'Super Woman' I am today...
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